Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_esperanto,
Abe Hassan

esperanto translation

Hi, everyone! I'm one of LJ's translation coordinators, and I want to help get the Esperanto translation back on track. amuzulo, I apologize for stepping on your toes, but I'd like to go ahead and do the "activity check" -- removing privileges from people who are no longer interested, and granting privileges to those who are still interested.

If you already have translation privileges and you're still active, please take this poll. Additionally, if you don't have the privileges, but you'd like to get started, please take this poll and leave a quick comment with your level of fluency in Esperanto and in English. Please vote by Friday (December 30), and at that point, I'll adjust privileges accordingly.

I am interested in working on the Esperanto translation.


Thank you!

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